Tuesday, September 20, 2005

WFRP Update 32

I resolved to have no more of this. I knew that I could stand a few more sessions with the interrogator, but how many more I know not. I am resolved to ensure that my next session is my last...one way or the other. But I must first put them at ease. Simple enough to do for the little talker, I will merely continue to transcribe his tales.
He had brought us some food this time, he twirled it on his fork, contemplating it.
"Quite amazing at what people will eat, or do if forced into it. Wouldn't you say?
"See, as we escaped the destruction of the cursed and evil infested tomb that used to be castle wittgenstein, we made for the town and put into the dock. I had a mind to lay up and rest, given the fact that most of my companions still looked like a cow that had lost a fight with a horde of hammer wielding gnomes. But, it would appear than my logic and reasoning was lost on my fellow travelers. Corobath and Magdelaine immediately set off for the temple; to prepare for a morning sermon to Sigmar. Rudolpho followed them under some sort of guise of providing protection for them. I had just managed to get to sleep when Rudolpho and Elpham decide to wash my cabin and my bed. Although I appreciated the gesture, I would have been much happier if they had waited until I was out of bed before doing so. Rudolpho is convinced that he has heard gunshots from somewhere across town. Well, I had no reason to sleep now, so I cursed the day that I hooked up with these buffoons and followed after them.
"We first went to the temple, back through the still pouring rain, to collect our more educated brethren. Together once again, we continue to scout through the town and soon arrive at that charlatan of a doctor's house. We found the door open and the doctor inside, dead by his own hand. Although we could not find any other body to account for the second shot...until we visited the basement.
"I had know that the man was evil. He had left a letter, stating his involvement with everything and we found even more evidence in the basement. Who else but a twisted servant of the darkness keeps a corpse in their cellar? One so rotting that it is home for more flies than there are hairs on my feet? The damn thing had a stench that even over powered the smell of Elpham. But we found even more evidence; although I wished that Magdelaine had done her searching in a more restrained manner. She had found some vials and decided that the sparkled in just the proper manner and started to empty them. If you have never seen warpstone move by itself, consider yourself lucky. Seeing that blob of blackness fly about the room and into the corpse was sickening enough. But to see the corpse stand and start trying to eat Rudolpho's head was even more disturbing. Thankfully the damn thing quickly left through another tunnel and we never saw it again. Corobath had a mind to chase it, but he had had too many of my fine meals and could not quite fit through the tunnels. If the old maid had not been asleep upstairs we would have burned the place to the ground then and there. As it was we gathered up the evidence of his evil doings, retired to the boat and spent the night floating on the river.
"When morning broke, Corobath was back to the temple to rouse the people to come and worship Sigmar. Rudolpho and I went looking for a beer and discovered that the inn had been broken into. There was no sign of anyone; it was as if they had simply gotten up and left. Although there was a new tunnel in the cellar and we had the scent of the rat people in out noses.
"We quickened on to the temple to warn the others and discovered that Corobath had already attracted some of the faithful. Sturdy Hilda and some other outlaws who had not been on the castle assault had come to seek out his wisdom. As we questioned them, we also scoured the town for other survivors and found many of them hiding in the windmill. They had not seen any of the rat people but had heard strange noises through out the nights. We then caught sight of a number of people walking down from what was left of the castle. Eventually we could make out faces and many people were over joyed to see that Sigred, the outlaw leader had survived.
"Corobath took this as a great sign and his sermon was rousing and shilling at the same time. He annointed Sigred as the priestess of the town at the end and we nearly emptied our hold of grain in the hopes of feeding the people.
"It was also Sigred who gave us our most chilling news. It seems that some of the less savory and more desperate members of the village had taken to eating the dead to survive. And once the dead had run out, they turned their attention on the soon to be dead.
"We said our good byes and left as soon as possible. Such was the curse on that place."
The door opened and the hooded man had entered. Now was my chance, when they open my cell I shall make my break for freedom. For Wittgenstein!!